A quick and easy, bright cushion cover.

Pciture of completed orange pillow with bright orange tassel trim sitting on a timber chair.


A lazy stroll through Spotlight can uncover some unexpected gems! Barbara recently picked up some gorgeous orange tassle trim. With only a small amount left on the spool, she decided she 'couldn't leave it there' and took it home to create something lovely. 

The bright printed heavy cotton played nicely with the tassels, and so, a cushion cover was settled on. The size of the cover was actually pre-set, as there was only a limited amount of the trim. So by halving the trim, the maximum width of the cover was determined, and it happened to be similar to the width of a standard bedroom pillow case.

This is a great size of cover to make, as you (or the lucky recipient of your creation) are much more likely to have a spare standard pillow lying around, rather than a specific sized cushion inset.

Cut 3 pieces of fabric. The first is full length, the second is slightly shorter (where the envelope fold will cross over) and the third is shortest as the envelope flap. Hem the two shorter pieces.

Pictures of the cushion cover showing the fabric pieces and where to hem.

Stitch the pieces together, catching the trim in the seam. Make sure not to accidently catch any tassels! 

Zigzag or overlock the edges to prevent fraying, then clip the corners before turning through to help the corners sit nicely.

Cushion cover construction showing edge seams and finishing

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