About Us

Developed by Barbara and Alana, creative dabblers with an eye for beautiful materials and an appreciation of the handmade. 

Alana & Barb from Artpack. Alana is in a green blazer resting against a timber sideboard. Barb is wearing a beige blazer with bright silk scarf wrapped around the neck.

We hope to inspire your own creativity.

Using high quality materials, our luxurious craft kits are carefully considered to fire up your artistic talent, and leave you with a creation you can actually use. You'll be proud to showcase your results from Artpack. 

With a background in art education, we ensure our kits contain both high quality materials as well as all the support you need. Our clear instruction sheets contain pictures and directions, and our video tutorials are thoughtfully edited to ensure concise, easy to follow steps. 

We regularly share tips, tricks, current projects and inspiration on our social channels - particularly YouTube and Instagram.

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