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Dye your own silk scarves

Dye your own silk scarves

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A chance to experiment with coloured silk dyes to create your own beautiful large silk scarves.

Beginner friendly detailed instructions and video tutorial guide you through the process of silk dyeing and you will end up with two 90 x 90cm silk scarves to wear or gift.

No previous art or craft experience is necessary.

Our silk painting kit comes with everything you need to dye your own large silk scarves. You will enjoy the chance to experiment with different colours and techniques to create a scarf completely unique to you.

Each kit contains:

  • 4 large silk dyes. 30mL of each dye
  • 2 undyed luxurious Habutai silk scarves 90cm x 90cm
  • Creative guide, with detailed instructions on how to dye your scarves, plus tutorial video
  • Pair of gloves

To complete this kit at home, you will need a bowl of water, small quantity of vinegar, some cling wrap and access to a microwave.

These kits make excellent gifts, for those wanting to spoil someone with some time to dedicate to their wellbeing.

The finished scarves are large enough to wear around the head, around the neck, around the waist or many other stylish ways. We've put together a Pinterest board full of inspiration for styling silk scarves. 

Not suitable for children unless under strict adult supervision.

See more tutorials, inspiration and tips on our VIDEO page.


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