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Japanese Kumiko Lamp Kit

Japanese Kumiko Lamp Kit

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Build your own blackwood lamp to stylishly showcase your kumiko designs. This kit contains pre-cut timber to create this stunning lamp, as well as detailed instructions to guide your creativity. 

Kit includes:

  • A set of pre-cut blackwood frame pieces. Each is labeled to ensure mistake proof assembly of frame.
  • 20 Domino joiners for assembling the frame
  • Hoop Pine Kumiko strips for creating the decorative Kumiko panels
    • 10 strips of 11.3mm x 10mm at 460mm to create the outer frame (tsukeko) on the side and top panels.
    • 40 strips of 11.3mm x 3.2mm at 460mm to create the inner design
  • Kumiko plans for the side and top panels. The plans are provided for an asa-no-ha design. If you choose to create a different design, use the outer dimensions of the two plans to ensure your panels will fit into the lamp frame.
  • Shoji paper to attach to the back of the kumiko panels.
  • Detailed written instructions with photos

The following items are NOT included, but will be needed to complete the lamp:

  • Tools or jigs for cutting, shaping or creating the Kumiko panels
  • Instructions for creating Kumiko panels
  • Glue
  • Clamps
  • Set square
  • Electric light assembly. Most lighting shops will be able to provide and install the light globe assembly. Ensure they use an LED globe to avoid head inside the lamp. 

If you have not created Kumiko before, we recommend you start with our Kumiko basic kit which includes the jigs and instuctions needed to build Kumiko panels. 

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