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Kumiko Strips - Huon Pine

Kumiko Strips - Huon Pine

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Introducing our set of pre-cut timber lengths, the perfect solution for those creating Kumiko woodworking designs who want to get started on their projects quickly and easily. Crafted in Australia from striking Tasmanian Huon Pine and pre-cut to the exact size needed for Kumiko patterns, this set is an essential time saver for Kumiko enthusiasts.

20 lengths in the pack.

Each length is 450mm long x 12mm wide x 3.2mm thick.

Each piece is carefully selected for its quality and consistency, ensuring that your finished Kumiko projects have a uniform and professional look.

With this set, you can skip the time-consuming process of cutting and preparing timber lengths yourself, and get straight to creating your Kumiko patterns. The pre-cut timber lengths are easy to work with and can be used with any Kumiko woodworking jig, making it an ideal solution for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.

This set of pre-cut timber lengths is an excellent investment for any Kumiko woodworking enthusiast. Its high-quality materials and precision cutting will provide you with the perfect building blocks for your projects, allowing you to create stunning Kumiko patterns with ease.

Order your set of pre-cut timber lengths today and get started on your Kumiko woodworking projects without delay. 

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