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Art Pack

Silk Scarf Party Pack

Silk Scarf Party Pack

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A perfect craft idea for a group activity, our mini silk kits are a fantastic introduction to dyeing your own silk scarves. From opening the box, to wearing a hand dyed silk scarf in around 30 minutes.

Our Party Pack includes 5 mini silk kits, plus a bonus kit for the host FREE! (6 kits total)

Beginner friendly detailed instructions and video tutorial guide you through the process of silk painting, and each participant will end up with two different sized scarves in your colourway of choice. 

No previous art or craft experience is necessary.

Choose from three curated colour sets, and dye your own silk scarf and silk twilly. 

Each kit contains:

  • 3 silk dyes in a curated colour set. 20 mL of each dye
  • 1 undyed 'Twilly' silk scarf
  • 1 hand-rolled finished undyed silk scarf 112cm X 16cm 
  • Creative guide, with detailed instructions on how to dye your scarves
  • Pair of gloves

To complete this kit, you will need a bowl of water, small quantity of vinegar, some cling wrap and access to a microwave.

Not suitable for children unless under strict adult supervision.

Each party pack contains an even mix of colour-ways. Please email if you would prefer a different split of kits. 

Watch how simple the silk party kit is to use below:


A detailed look at the colour choices can be viewed here:



Just looking for a single kit? CLICK HERE for our single mini silk kit.

More techniques and ideas on our VIDEO page.
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